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You may ask, what is black magic?  There are many debates as to what exactly is black magic spell, spells of magic, magic spell, magic, love spell, spells of magic and how it is different than white magic, or any other color magic you may have heard of.

In the simplest terms, all magic and spells of magic is the same and really had no color, but the media, movies, television and video games has made color magic very popular. In the media, black magic is portrayed as evil, white as good. Red is often seen as love magic, green as money or wealth.

Such a division of magic into colors is useful, you can color-code your own spell code, writing love spells on red or pink paper and make them easy to find, but in reality this division of color does not really exist, the ‘magic’ is the same for all these spells and rituals.

So what is Black Magic then?

Real practitioners consider spells which fight against, or try to manipulate free will as black magic. Because these spells try to influence the normal life of others they can become pretty dangerous if they backfire. Free will is considered by some as the strongest force in nature so care should definitely be taken when dealing in the dark arts.

The line between what can be considered back magic is fuzzy though. Love spells are rarely seen as black magic, but if the spell makes someone leave their spouse and travel across the country to be with you you are definatly messing with free will. However, a simple crush spell to get a date doesn’t really mess with their free will.

No matter how you decide to define black magic, the following are generally considered as black magic spells:

  • Death Spells
  • Hurt Spells
  • Resurrection Spells
  • Banishing Spells
  • Binding Spells
  • Conjuring Spells
  • Energy Spells
  • Nightmare Spells
  • Power Spells
  • Revenge Spells
  • Bad Luck Spells
  • Misfortune Spells

White Magic

What is white magic and what makes it white? At the heart all magic is the same and has no color, however, it is common today to believe that different types of magic has different color.Different colors in magic have been made common place due to their use in movies, television and video games. Typically colors like red or pink are love magic, green is for money and wealth, black is evil and white is good.

When people talk about white magic, then generally refer to healing and helping magic spells. Keeping your spellbook color-coded, red for love spells, green for money, black for death and white for healing is fairly common but not required. An important thing to remember is that all magic is magic, and there really is no such thing as evil magic or good magic.

What is White Magic?

Today, most people consider healing and health spells to be white magic. It is not any more or less difficult than black magic, and even white magic spells can have concequences.

The following spells are generally accepted as white magic spells:

  • Enchanting Spells
  • Friendship Spells
  • Truth Spells
  • Cure Spells
  • Diet Spells
  • Healing Spells
  • Health Spells
  • Defense Spells
  • Dream Spells
  • Peace Spells
  • Protection Spells
  • Warding Off Spells
  • Baby Spells
  • Fertility Spells
  • Growing Spells

Magic Spell To Bring An Anime Boy To Life?

Magic Spell To Bring An Anime Boy To Life? Suko asked, “Do you know a magic spell to bring an anime bf crush to life?”

Yes, I actually do. It’s not so much of a magic spell, more of a magic meditation, and it works like this.

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How To Break A Love Spell

How To Break A Love Spell Brandon wrote: “I am sure a girl has cast a love spell on me. How can I break the spell/break out/break free from a love spell?” Well, that’s probably the No.1 spell that witches sell, the world over – the good old love spell when someone suffers from unrequited love pains and doesn’t know what else to do. Find out what to do.

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Spell To Break Up My Son & His Girlfriend?

Jontha wrote: “I have the following problem. My son is 15 and he goes out with a girl aged 21. I consider that their relationship is not ok. My question is: can I use the ,,cutting the ties that bind us” spell to influence somehow their separation, or isn’t fair from me to get involved? And a silly question: if it is fair and I can do it without breaking universal laws, can I use green string instead of red? [for the moment, I don’t have red string in the house]. Thank you for reading me and many blessings to you!!”

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The Love Spell To Become More Loveable And To Be Loved: The HEART STAR Spell

Starfields writes: Today, someone asked: “How can I change everyone to love me using love spells?” This is a common request we receive here. “I need a spell to be more loveable!” – “Do you have a spell so I can find love?” – “Is there a spell to be more popular?”

Yes, there is – THE STAR SPELL. It’s a proper energy magic white light spell, not a fantasy. If you really want more love in your life, here it how you do that …

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Soul Love Potion – Drink Me!

This energy magic Soul Love potion has a fun origin – an Xtra Magic subscriber mailed in and asked how much of the Gypsy Rose Love Potion one should drink before love comes into one’s life. Ooops! In the olden days, love potions were made to be given to an intended, so they would marry you … Three drops, at that …

However, that gave me the idea for a love potion you can drink yourself. More love is always better than less love!

*Update – Looking for a magic potion to find my soul mate? Yes, this one is the one!

Posted Jul 7, 2014 126,721 Reads Read Answer …

Spell For Decision Making

Dear Starfields,
I am a 23 year old girl. I find it difficult to make up my mind on an important matter. Could you please suggest a spell that can guide me in decision making and help me choose wisely?
Posted Dec 3, 2013 12,171 Reads Read Answer …

Spell To Get A Girl Out Of My Hair

Josh wrote and asked: There’s this girl in my class who is in love with me, following me around and always making eyes at me. My friends are laughing at me. What spell can I use to get this girl out of my tail?

He Is Avoiding Me – I Need A Spell

Danny from Canada wrote, “There is this boy in my school and we had a great time one night together, it was amazing.

The next day, he totally ignored me and avoided me.

I’m upset – I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. Did I say something? Am I not pretty enough? Is there something wrong with me? I need a spell!”

Spell To Heal My Friend’s Broken Heart

I’ve received a request for a healing spell for a friend who is heartbroken because of love pain.

That’s really nice; most people only ever request spells for themselves and that can be problematic. Doing a loving heart healing spell for another person is a wonderful gift. You can use this spell for any friend who could do with more love in their lives, or a relative, or a lover, or a child. Beautiful spell, only two ingredients – your intention and your love.

Posted Jul 31, 2012 47,691 Reads Read Answer …

Magic Spells To Bring My Ex Back

Now I get a lot of spell requests, but the one single spell most requested above all is “What spell do I use to get my Ex back?” I’ve always been dubious about this but there is a way to make these spells to get back those who have told you they don’t love you anymore (!) actually work – and also, why they generally fail if you don’t know this.

Posted Apr 25, 2012 136,549 Reads Read Answer …

Spell To Be Treated with Love, Respect, and Kindness.

Elizabeth wrote: I need your help (Spell Request) This is why this spell is important to me.

* I feel I’m isolated, and want someone to love Me, caress Me, take care of Me.
* I know I’m a nice person . But I just want others to notice it.
* I want to receive the recognition I deserve.
* I want to awaken each morning with the feeling that I’m going to be treated with love, respect, and kindness.

Posted Nov 5, 2010 69,567 Reads Read Answer …

Love Attraction Ritual/Love Spell Using The Law Of Three

Bill wrote: I was enchanted by your entry about the law of three. Could you please however explain it in a way which is really really simple for someone who does not understand these things?

How does it apply, for example, to a love attraction ritual ( = to attract love in my life)?

Posted Oct 27, 2010 144,741 Reads Read Answer …

Forgive & Forget Spell To Stop Obsessing

Cathy writes: Dear SFX, I need a spell to stop me from obsessing about someone who is an enemy and lets no opportunity go by to attack me. I feel under attack all the time. I don’t want to fight back, that’s just going to give him even more power over me – do you have a spell to get my mind off that man so I can get on with my own life instead?

Posted Sep 29, 2010 135,929 Reads Read Answer …

A Spell Against Hurtful Words

I received a request from someone who was very upset because a “certain word” was being used on them, to hurt them, on a regular basis by “silly boys” in their environment.

Now it is said that “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me” but that is actually not true.

Posted Apr 9, 2008 37,817 Reads Read Answer …

Soul Funeral To Reunite Two Lovers After Death

Dennis writes:

I need help with an important situation that has arisen. I have looked in vain for an answer and hope that you will be able to help me. I’m looking for a spell to reunite two lovers after death.

Posted Apr 9, 2008 15,927 Reads Read Answer …

Spell To Find A Boyfriend For A Shy Girl

Sheelag wrote:

I would like a spell for finding a boyfriend for a girl that has never had a proper boyfriend before because she is scared and shy.

Posted Apr 9, 2008 60,101 Reads Read Answer …

Spell To Make A Lover Come Back Request

Of all the many spell requests I receive, the second most popular is for a spell to bring a lover back who has run off. This is a pretty classic example of this type of spell request:

Infinity wrote: 9 months ago i paid a spell caster to do a “break them up and return my lover” spell. however,i was required to perform a ritual. spell caster was not specific in her details and what to do. stated i need rose petals, incense and candles. and i need to repeat this process for the next 2 full moon. i ended up using the same rose petals, which by the next moon already turned brown. i suspect it might be the cause of the failed spell. any way i can erase this spell and start all over?? i had another spell caster to remove all spells for me so i can start on a clean slate. 2nd spell caster removed old spells and cast love spell twice..but till now this “return my lover” spell had been done 4 times. throughout ,the spells failed miserably and things had gone from bad to worse between me and this guy. please help

Posted Nov 7, 2007 66,396 Reads Read Answer …

Spell To Stop Ex Boyfriend From Obsessing

Soulmate spell
Michelle writes: Hope you can help me, StarFields. I need something to stop my ex from obsessing about me. He can’t let go, can’t move on and he’s making my life miserable. And that of my new boyfriend, and of course, his own life as well. I guess he needs a healing of some kind but what to do?
Posted Sep 10, 2007 16,504 Reads Read Answer …

Break Up Love Spell – Cutting The Ties That Bind Us

Tiffany wrote: Hello, I would like to request a spell to break up my relationship. My boyfriend is a very kind and gentle soul and I wish him no harm or heartbreak. I want us to stay friends and for him to be happy. The problem is, a few years ago, we bound each other by using a ritual.

I need a spell powerful enough to break it but also a spell to keep us friends. Can you help?

Posted Sep 10, 2007 61,885 Reads Read Answer …

Spell To Restore A Reputation

I get *a lot* of requests (interestingly, more than I do for love spells, even!) from people who feel that their reputation has been tarnished unfairly – that people are saying things about them that are not true and those are usually not good things.

This spell is designed to affect one person or an entire group or society and remove those negative ideas, restoring the reputation in the process and giving the person a chance to prove who they really are. This is a simple spell but powerful if done with heart and soul; honesty in the preparation stage is of the essence or it WILL fail.